Why do we offer a discreet office address service?

When we were planning our business, we wanted to provide a service that allowed us to get close to entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurship is also at the heart of our philosophy. We like well-executed business strategies, we like the thrill of closing deals, and we like to win against the odds. We want to be close to people who are in the middle of the action.

Virtual offices fit the criteria of what we wanted to provide. The next step was to seek out our most valuable proposition; this is important because the value proposition is a promise to our customers. We tested our capabilities, and observed how they would create an impact on the market, asking ourselves, “is our idea favorable and feasible?” We also asked, "how can we manage to get some market share from the bigger virtual offices who have a much greater marketing budget?"

We observed the marketplace and saw that peer groups use affordability, social cause, community, office design, advanced computer hardware or all of these features combined to entice customers. Sure, a nice fancy office space would attract customers but how closely should we fight with our competitors? What is our point of parity and difference with our market peers?

It all comes down to understanding our customers well. Our customers are usually professionals who have worked in several co-working spaces and virtual offices. He/she may enjoy co-working spaces initially but then realizes that their mission is to work with people who are smarter and wealthier than them; people who can take their business to the next level, rather than networking with people who are offering business solutions at the same level.

So we decided that a discreet office address was the service with the highest value proposition to go against the big companies. A service that is unique and relevant to our customers, and one that they want. Additionally, it was an offering that would not put our competitors on the offensive, and would not result in a price war; it was also a proposition that was sustainable.

In addition, we understand that being part of a virtual office is not glamorous. This is why we offer the discreet address feature. We do not publish our address, so your customers will not be able to find a “virtual office service” when they search for your address online. Only our paying customers have access to our full address location.